Delivering what every investor wants; low risk & solid profitability.

The Galinn Fund has created a unique market in commercial mortgages and other investments. By bridging a lending gap and extending credit to qualified borrowers who fall just below the increasingly restrictive guidelines of conventional, institutional lenders, we help meet the growing demand for private capital in the mortgage market, while creating highly profitable, low-risk opportunities for investors.

Our skilled and experienced officers, who have originated, processed and funded hundreds of millions of dollars in commercial and conventional mortgages pay careful attention to this special market. Working with a wide variety of contacts and sources they discover and explore the possibilities and opportunities and balance them against investor needs.


We are a profit driven business and we work efficiently and effectively to stay that way by offering excellent service. We offer borrowers and brokers the careful attention and consideration they deserve. We work tirelessly to meet deadlines. And, we close as quickly as possible.

While we specialize in real estate financing, our team will review and extend credit that is backed and collateralized by a wide variety of assets.

We are not credit driven, but we do require that each borrower complete a thorough questionnaire and provide comprehensive credit information. And, each loan must be secured by appropriate collateral.

We do not take or accept application fees prior to issuing a letter of approval.

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David J. Linn

David Linn is innovative, creative, and passionate about using his business ownership and investing experience to help other business owners, both small and large, reach their goals. He has a proven track record of securing profitable opportunities for his clients throughout the years.

Whether you are buying a business or selling a business, or simply looking to invest for the future, he will leverage his considerable business experience, successful track record, and high ethics, to help you achieve success.

George W. Galgano

George Galgano a BA major in Economics from Wesleyan University, as well as, an attorney licensed to practice law in the State of New York. This combination gives him a unique perspective and broader expertise.

As a dedicated and experienced attorney, George is equipped to provide the finest legal services in the area. His tenacity leads his commitment to be as effective and efficient as possible. Personalization and resolutions second-to-none.

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